Along the Longing

Engine: Cut Your Gibberish

The following is an unpublished (except for here) poem. It began as a construction of lines from the Oxford English Dictionary using words that begin with "gib". The lines were then heavily edited.

Eventually it will become interactive.

Cut Your Gibberish

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a shorter way of saying cut your gibberish
I am in a widening shaft of present
threaten rapid inarticulate utterances

gallows post from which one hangs
unessential appendage to stimulate swelling
mechanical emulation of vivid processes
in everness to coerce presence of alter

long-armed ape unintelligible speech
random begetting from random fertile
inebriation my mother resembles hump
convex bale disembowel protuberant

or incision the blood inside outside
culture an appendectomy leaving lower
like strippers at their poles back to back
brazenly bordering the parking area

a heavy metal strap for fastening
lacey if you drunk fuck me for a gib
then we can see in metaphor faith
scoffing an opera or crush hat

the kayak capsized and we swam to shore
sneering speech a hooked prolongation
that develops during the spawning season
singing wolf decomposes alone

at the party as usual how does she know
if he's g-i-b or a cantelivered
bearing surface to reduce friction
you must feel lost she said

in a moment of vulnerability I declared no
since mother was never round nor sweet
castrated cat aboriginal cave
dwelling to be lost requires a landscape

a tetracyclic lactonic acid
produced by the fungus fujikuroi
allowing the substance to glide
shearing pain away from irony